Commissions 2

I charge 10 dollars an hour for my work, and I specialize in character art. This means I cannot quote an exact price, just give you an estimate. It depends how much time I take with it how much it will cost. More complicated, more hours, the more it costs.

E-mail me at if you’re interested to get an estimate.

I prefer to do Warcraft characters, but I also have backgrounds in anime, animation and comic book style. I use paypal for commissions, so be prepared to pay digitally. 🙂

If you’ve decided you want to commission me you can email me with a description of what you’d like and I can give you an estimate for how much that would cost, or you can give me a budget and I can tell you what I can do for that much.

Please Include In Your Email:

-Color, Monochromatic, or Line Art

-How Many Characters

-Full Body, Waist Up, Headshot or Chibi

-Links to an armory or other references

-Pose and background preferences

This information will help my estimate to be accurate.

I try to be flexible and like working for friends on projects that will make them happy. 😀 I hope to hear from you!

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