Monthly Archives: December 2013

Once again I’d like to bring the community together for a Warcraft parody song. Tis’ the season!

This time I’m doing “Twelve Days of Winter Veil”!

Just like last time I’d love people to record a few lines for me. :3

Here are the lyrics.

Here is the base track of me singing the entire thing for you to sing along with.

Just slap on some headphones, record yourself singing along and send that my way. 😀

Here is the youtube video of the karaoke version I’m using:

Lyrics that people have already recorded for me will be in red on the google doc, but no one has claimed any yet!

What I’d like from you:

A few takes of the line of your choice and “And what I hope are ironic transmog greens”. Email sound files to and I’ll get this rolling! 😀