Monthly Archives: October 2013

I am creating an ensemble parody of “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas and I’d love to have your voice! I figured I’d put all the info for how to contribute to the song in one place.

The song will be completed on Monday October 21st, so I’d like to have all contributions in by Sunday the 20th.

How to contribute:

1: Pick a solo

Here is a google doc with the lyrics. Lines that are red are already taken.

2: Download the current version

Here is a dropbox of the latest draft of the song.

Every line is currently covered, but most lines are done by Rho who did a full version on his own. Only the lines I’ve highlighted in red on the lyrics are considered “taken” and will appear for sure in the final song as they are in the current draft. Consider the rest a template and/or place holder, or what will remain if no one else takes that line.

3: Put on headphones and record a line or two! Or just record the chorus of:

“This is Hallow’s End, this is Hallow’s end

Hallow’s End! Hallow’s End! Hallow’s End! Hallow’s End!”

4: Send your recordings to

Thanks so much! This is a big project and anything you can send it will help out a lot!

YouTube Resources:

The instrumental version I’m using

The original song